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TIRTIR is a cosmetic brand that regains and finds the natural healthy light of the skin. It started with CEO Lee Yoo-bin's goal of creating dewy skin, and has grown with its product competitiveness as it has been rumored to be a "Water Glossy Cosmetics" brand.

Cosmetics are developed based on 'good ingredients for the whole familly' and most products are odorless or raw. The brand is represented by 'glossy coating mist', 'milk skin' and 'ceramic cream' which are moisturizing water glossy products of TIRTIR's Signature line.
In addition, many other products such as Soothing line, Cica care line, makeup line, inner beauty line and more are loved by consumers.
TIRTIR is a "HEALTHY LIFE BEAUTY" brand that restores the natural glow of our skin. It is effective against dry and sensitive skin due to harmful environmental effects and unhealthy lifestyle.

Through natural ingredients, scientific research that is safe for the skin, and a healthy lifestyle, we aim to provide the natural beauty and light of the skin to our customers.
Trust + I + Radiance

Tirtir is an abbreviation of T(trust) + I (myself) + Radiance (light), and contains the brand's own philosophy 'using safe and healthy ingredients to be reliable brand.'

In addition, for people who want to love myself, and strengthen self confidence that is from inself, TIRTIR's luxury light is the one that makes you more beautiful and happy. TIRTIR also contents this meaning.

Скин / Тонер

Серум / Эссенция

Лосьон / Крем


Специальный уход

Маска / Ночная маска

Солнцезащитный уход